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    [Done] Testing the Waters - The Alpha Phase The goal of the alpha is to test Clipper's security before launching it into the open ocean of DeFi. Over the course of roughly one month, you can expect:
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      A Bug Bounty: Get paid by discovering bugs in Clipper's code!
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      A Honeypot: Select LPs have volunteered to put a first $1m into Clipper's pool to see if anyone can figure out how to take it.
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      Audits: Security audits are being conducted by experienced auditors.
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    [Done] Setting Sail - The Beta Phase Clipper's maiden voyage will be with a handpicked crew of LPs who have volunteered to prime the pool with a critical mass of $20m in liquidity. The goal of the beta is to prove Clipper's price competitiveness and yields before it is certified for sailing with the wider community.
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    [Done] Onboarding Cargo - The Community Liquidity Program Once Clipper is seaworthy with proven performance, the community will be invited to contribute liquidity at the same terms as previous liquidity providers. Note that the total amount of liquidity is capped, so sign up now to get access to this program!
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    [Done] Expand to Polygon Network
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    The Polygon Community Liquidity Program
    Clipper's launch for the Community Liquidity Program on Polygon is on the horizon.
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    Sailing the Seven Seas - Expanding to Other Chains Once Captains are using Clipper successfully to trade on Ethereum, Shipyard will build Clippers for Layer 2. Clippers should sail wherever they are needed!
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