The Team

The Crew, Developers and Designers


Clipper was designed and developed by Shipyard Software, Inc, a US-based Delaware C-corporation ( Shipyard is a software development firm founded by Abe Othman and Mark Lurie, who have been friends and collaborators for over 15 years since they they first met as undergraduate classmates at Harvard.
Mark Lurie Mark Lurie previously founded two venture-backed startups. Codex is a blockchain-based title registry for art & collectibles with 500,000 NFT titles created in the offline auction world since it's 2018 launch and ICO. Prior to Codex, Mark founded an online marketplace for art & collectables, which was acquired in 2016. Previously, Mark was an investor at FJLabs and Bessemer Venture Partners, where his investments included Twilio (TWLO). Mark serves on the board of The Foundation for Art & Blockchain, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, as well as the board of GMO Trust, a regulated stablecoin issuer, and is a venture partner at He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Harvard College, where he wrote his thesis on historical paradigm shifts in economic thought.​
Abe Othman Abe Othman's 2012 PhD thesis, Automated Market Making: Theory and Practice provided foundational insights into the discipline of decentralized exchanges. He created the first liquidity-sensitive homogeneous market maker, a key theoretical innovation of current market maker design. As an original advisor to the Augur project --alongside Vitalik Buterin --Abe published op-eds in the Financial Times and TechCrunch on the design of decentralized systems. Abe has started two companies with successful exits and has invested in thirty early-stage startups. He has received his AB in Applied Math for Harvard and a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon, where his research was supported by the Google PhD Fellowship.
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