SAIL Farming

SAIL is earned through yield farming on Clipper. The process is simple: stake liquidity in the SAIL farming pool, let your rewards grow, and harvest your SAIL when ready!

Staking in the SAIL farming pool has the added benefit of earning you superior rewards as a liquidity provider (compared to other DEX pools) by way of Clipper's novel pool design which has no impermanent loss!

Clipper’s farming pools are multi-asset liquidity pools made up of Clipper Core Assets (BTC, ETH, USDC, and other "blue-chip" tokens and stablecoins). Clipper has multiple farming pools that provide different reward tokens, but these instructions focus specifically on the SAIL farming pool.

💧 How to Deposit into the Farming Pool

  1. From here, enter the token and amount you wish to deposit and connect your wallet.

    Note: The pool supports both individual asset and multi-asset deposits. If you are depositing $100k USD or more, a multi-asset deposit is recommended for better reward profits.

  2. Allow Clipper to use your tokens.

  3. You will be shown your potential SAIL earnings. Rewards will depend not only on the size of your deposit and the current size of the pool, but also on how long you let your rewards grow.

  4. Confirm your deposit.

  5. Once the transaction completes in your wallet, your liquidity will be added to the farming pool and will start accruing SAIL. You will receive ClipperLP tokens upon depositing. ClipperLP tokens simply represent your fractional ownership of the underlying pool, they have no intrinsic value. ClipperLP is used in the harvesting process, so hold onto them.

🌾 Important Note: Farming rewards continue to grow for the entire duration that your liquidity remains in the pool. You can withdraw at any time, however, there is an initial "waiting period" if you want to harvest your full rewards. Below is an example of how this works: The duration of the "waiting period" is specified upon deposit (often 30 days but may vary). If the current reward rate is 5 SAIL per day (hypothetical), on day 30 you will have accrued 150 SAIL, at which point you can harvest all 150 SAIL (100% of your return). However, if you decide to withdraw on day 20, for example, you will only receive a portion of the 100 SAIL you've accrued (<100% of reward--exact amount depends on various factors) because you have not met the waiting period requirement yet. Once you hit the "waiting period" requirement, you will receive 100% of your accrued rewards (on that deposit) from that day onward--and rewards continue to accrue even after the "waiting period" is reached. This is intended to reward LPs who leave their liquidity in for longer durations and incentivize longer-term liquidity provision rather than quick reward schemes.

🚜 How to Harvest SAIL

  1. Visit the Rewards page to view your harvest data and harvest your rewards. Harvest data shows how much of your rewards are currently available to claim and how much time is left until you reach your maximum claim amount.

  2. Click “Harvest” to begin harvesting.

  3. Enter the amount of SAIL tokens you want to harvest. This can be equal to or less than the amount you have available to harvest.

  4. Allow Clipper to use your ClipperLP tokens to harvest SAIL.

  5. Confirm your harvest.

  6. Once the transaction completes in your wallet, your SAIL is harvested to your wallet.

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