Community Governance

SAIL is the governance token of AdmiralDAO.

How Community Governance Works

Community governance of AdmiralDAO (and by extension Clipper) is driven by SAIL token holders--the DAO's governance token. Every SAIL holder is a member of AdmiralDAO 🤝.

DAO members are empowered to submit and vote on governance proposals in order to make changes to products overseen by the DAO (like Clipper), SAIL-related initiatives, allocation of community Treasury funds, or the governance framework itself. Proposal topics might cover (but are not limited to) items such as:

  • Protocol upgrades (new features, security enhancements, performance optimizations)

  • Clipper LP fee structure modification

  • Deploying Clipper on new chains

  • Additions or adjustments to SAIL farming incentives

  • Changes to SAIL supply cap

  • Changes to governance process timelines or structure

AdmiralDAO members follow the governance process to propose, vote on, and implement changes. For more on the governance process visit the AdmiralDAO docs.

How to Get SAIL

SAIL is earned through yield farming on Clipper. Farming is the best way to obtain SAIL and doesn't require any purchase of tokens.

SAIL farming simply entails staking liquidity in the SAIL farming pool on Clipper, letting your rewards grow, and then harvesting your SAIL tokens. Staked liquidity can be in the form of ETH, BTC, USDC, or other stablecoins and blue-chip tokens. Being a SAIL holder enables you to actively participate in community governance. The more SAIL you hold, the greater your on-chain voting power.

👉 Check out the SAIL Farming section for details and instructions or start farming right away here.

SAIL and U.S. Securities Regulation

  • AdmiralDAO studied the U.S. regulatory landscape at issuance. The analysis and conclusions are explained in this blog post.

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