To prevent harmful bot activity, Clipper uses the following verification process to ensure that every wallet trading on the platform belongs to a human

To start trading, connect your wallet to Clipper and follow the on-screen prompts.

If your wallet has already been preverified, you’ll be able to trade right away. If not, you’ll be prompted to solve a captcha and your wallet will be validated on the backend and added to a whitelist for future reference. If for some reason your wallet validation fails, you’ll need to connect your Discord account in order to to be verified.

Clipper doe NOT store users’ email addresses connected to their Discord

Trading Fees

There are no fees for traders on Clipper! Instead, Clipper takes a small portion of LP gains from each profitable trade. This means that for traders, the price quotes you see on Clipper have no explicit fees or hidden costs. Read about how Clipper’s fees for LPs work here.

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