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Exclusive Community Events

Clipper's community has frequent opportunities to learn, make friends, and collect rewards.
Adventures are storylines that are released every few months. They are an immersive experience that is a cross between a digital scavenger hunt and a turn-based game. In each adventure there are several teams. Each team consists of Captains and its crew of pirates. The Ships race through activities in the digital world to try to get to the treasure.

Pirate Raids

Pirate raids are short creative activities for the community to engage and collaborate with the Clipper Crew and other DeFi projects and supporting partners.
Pirates can be restless during the downtime between Adventures, but these short bursts of activity offer a small way to slake that thirst or get your hands dirty.

Design Competitions

Clipper's community is rich with creatives. To celebrate their skills, Clipper hosts merch design competitions, where pirates can create graphics and vote on the best ones. Winners get their graphics get sold on the official Clipper merch store, and additional prizes.

Community Values

Values are qualities or standards that define the culture of a group. Generally, they are things we can measure either quantifiably or qualitatively. Behaviors that enhance values create pride, things that detract from values create shame.
Clipper's community values are knowledge, playfulness and camaraderie.
A community that has taken a thoughtful approach to determining its values can then understand what behaviors to encourage and to set aside or rebuke, in order to reinforce and not cause harm to its culture.

Community Principles

Principles are simple rules for our behavior that help us act in ways that enhance our values. Therefore, Clipper's principles serve to enhance knowledge, playfulness and camaraderie. If you would like to learn about specific examples of our principles please come join the conversation in our Discord.