Learn more about the different endpoints of Swap API:

  • GET /rfq/pool - Get information about a blockchain network supported by clipper.

  • POST /rfq/quote - Generate potential asset swap quotes. Obtain pricing and essential details for informed decision-making

  • POST /rfq/sign - Facilitates blockchain transaction preparation and security by returning the required signature and data. Use it for efficient and secure asset swaps


In order to prevent abuse on the API we implement rate limits on the requests, to overcome these limits as an aggregator get in contact with the support team to get API credentials (user and password) here.

These credentials will be used to authorize every request made in the following endpoints: /rfq/pool , /rfq/quote and /rfq/sign

The API uses the Basic authentication method. You have to include the credentials (username:password) in the headers in base64 format.

Example: If your password is username is clipper and your password is clipperdocs

the base64 of clipper:clipperdocs is Y2xpcHBlcjpjbGlwcGVyZG9jcw==

AuthorizationBasic Y2xpcHBlcjpjbGlwcGVyZG9jcw==


Common Error Codes



Bad Request - Invalid data in the request




Forbidden Error


Internal Server Error


External Service Error

Error Format

    "errorMessage": "Description of the error",
    "errorType": "Type of the error",
    "errorCode": 422,  // it is returned only when we have a clipper code for the error
    "data": []  // is is returned only when the input data is invalid

error_code and data are not always present


  1. If we make a request to quote endpoint and the body does not have the field chain_id (required param), the API response will look like similar to this:

    "errorMessage": "Invalid input data",
    "errorType": "BadData",
    "errorCode": 422,
    "data": [
            "type": "missing",
            "loc": [
            "msg": "Field required",
            "input": {
                "input_amount": "18000",
                "input_asset_symbol": "ETH",
                "output_asset_symbol": "WBTC",
                "time_in_seconds": 60
            "url": "https://errors.pydantic.dev/2.1/v/missing"

  1. If we make a request to quote endpoint and we send an input_asset_symbol that clipper does not support, the API response will look like similar to this

    "errorMessage": "input_asset_symbol: INVALIDASSET is not supported",
    "errorType": "BadData"
  1. If we make a request to quote endpoint and we send invalid credentials

    "errorMessage": "Auth: Access is forbidden",
    "errorType": "Forbidden"

Clipper Error Codes

These codes appear in the field errorCode



Invalid input data


Quote problems

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