Clipper's frequently asked questions

General Questions

Where can I review your source code and whitepaper?

You can find those at the Shipyard Software github repository.

What are the addresses of the Clipper smart contracts?

Current Clipper Mainnet Contract Addresses:

  • Ethereum - 0xE7b0CE0526fbE3969035a145C9e9691d4d9D216c
  • Polygon - 0x6Bfce69d1Df30FD2B2C8e478EDEC9dAa643Ae3B8
  • Optimism - 0x5130f6cE257B8F9bF7fac0A0b519Bd588120ed40
  • Arbitrum One - 0xE7b0CE0526fbE3969035a145C9e9691d4d9D216c
  • Moonbeam - 0xCE37051a3e60587157DC4c0391B4C555c6E68255

Legacy Clipper Contract Addresses

On the Ethereum Mainnet:
  • Clipper FMM v1: 0xcc12532e95c2a6a4c53af153b9b739a3cc9218a7
  • Exchange Contract: 0x2e9c6Dcdca22A5952A88C4b18EDB5B54C5155BC9
  • Pool Contract: 0xe82906b6B1B04f631D126c974Af57a3A7B6a99d9
  • Router Contract: 0xf0f455E8b8F4f96Ae5109493C5d3eA5e2c09de47
On Other Chains:
  • Polygon: 0xD01e3549160c62Acabc4D0EB89F67aAFA3de8EEd
  • Optimism: 0xDBD4ffC32b34f630DD8aC18D37162eC8462db7dB
  • Moonbeam: 0xe90d415Af331237Ae18a882EC21870f1965BE933

Clipper Coves Contract Addresses:

  • Polygon - 0x2370cB1278c948b606f789D2E5Ce0B41E90a756f
  • Optimism - 0x93baB043d534FbFDD13B405241be9267D393b827
  • Moonbeam - 0x3309a431de850Ec554E5F22b2d9fC0B245a2023e

What kind of fees does Clipper have?

Any fees are reflected in the quotes you see from using our web page - no additional fees are charged beyond the quotes you see.

Can I provide liquidity to Clipper?

How do I report a bug in your system?

Please report a bug here.

Has Clipper been audited?

Clipper went through source code audits with Solidified and Quantstamp. [See Audits]

Wallet Questions

How do I connect my wallet?

Connect to your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet", then select your network, and choose your wallet. A prompt from your wallet will pop up to log in.

I have a hardware wallet. Can that be used as well?

Yes, any hardware wallet that is compatible with your crypto assets’ token standards can be used with Clipper.

Liquidity Provisioning (LP) Questions

How is Clipper's liquidity program different than other DEXs?

What is the difference between Clipper Pools and Clipper Coves?

Clipper Pools are multi-asset liquidity pools composed of Core Assets. Pools are maintained at the ideal volume for small trades. Clipper Coves is an ecosystem of liquidity pools containing one Cove Asset and ClipperLP tokens, they enable the trading of any asset through Clipper. Clipper Coves is only supported on Moonbeam and Polygon right now.

On the Clipper Data Page, what are "Profit Yield"?

This net trading gain figure is the sum of the positive difference between Clipper input and output on swaps, according to on-chain price oracles. This figure reflects Clipper liquidity providers' total profit yield over the given period.

On the Clipper Data Page, what is "Comparable APY"? How does it relate to Impermanent Loss (IL)?

Top-line yield that includes the Impermanent Loss (IL) avoided by Clipper’s FMM design. These APYs are directly comparable with the APYs reported by most other DEXs like Uniswap and Sushi, which advertise inflated figures that don't account for hidden costs.
The annualized yields (APYs) shared by these DEXs are calculated from "fees" that include a great deal of IL. Clipper's innovative FMM design not only allows LPs to avoid the Impermanent Loss that other DEXs face, but in fact to calculate the counterfactual of the amount of IL that LPs would have suffered. We call that counterfactual amount "avoided IL".
Avoided IL is calculated by comparing Clipper LPs' crypto-basis gain or loss to the crypto-basis loss of the CPMM mechanism used by Uniswap, etc. This crypto-basis loss can be calculated from, and will change based on, the difference in dollar values of the assets at the start and end of a time period. Comparable APY is then calculated by taking Clipper's profit yield and adding it to the avoided IL.
We believe Comparable APY represents the best and most accurate expression of Clipper's "yield" when LPs are considering which DEX to deposit into.

What is Clipper's Sponsorship Program?

Clipper users can now become a Sponsor and earn among the highest yields in DeFi! This Sponsor Program is open to any Clipper user who wants to whitelist and participate; the full rundown is below.

Clipper Sponsor Benefits:

Above-market yields: Clipper’s LP fees APY consistently exceed that of other leading DEXs. While LP fees of course fluctuate over time, Clipper’s LP fee APR was over 70% when Clipper’s Sponsor Program first entered its pilot phase – roughly 5x higher than other leading DEXs according to!
Larger liquidity allocation: Normally, LPs are limited to a small allocation. Sponsors can make deposits of up to $100K, and even more by reaching out to the Clipper crew for more info.
No lock-up period: Sponsors are not subject to mandatory lockup periods and can unlock and withdraw their deposit at any time. This pertains to all liquidity deposited and fees collected through the Sponsor Program interface.
In exchange for these higher contribution limits, Sponsors will automatically donate 50% of their fees to AdmiralDAO, which oversees Clipper. These fees will ensure Clipper can continue developing its community and providing the lowest trading prices possible for retail traders.

Will there be a limit on how much I can deposit?

You will be limited when depositing in Clipper Pools. This keep the pool at an ideal volume for retail traders. When you connect your wallet, you will be able to see you deposit limit. Sponsors are able to deposit up to $100K, in exchange for supporting Clipper’s future development as an AdmiralDAO contributor.
Sponsors can apply to contribute more than $100K by contacting Clipper's Crew to custody their funds. Clipper will ensure the best value for your deposit by handling the asset mix manually.
There is no limit for depositing to Clipper Coves.

How long will my deposit be locked before I can withdraw?

Your deposit in Clipper Pools will be locked for a short period of time that varies with each chain. You will be shown your deposit lock period once you've connected your wallet. After the period has ended, you can unlock it, then withdraw.
There is no lockup period when you deposit to Clipper Coves.

Who can add a deposit?

Anyone who has whitelisted their wallet address has the chance to participate in Clipper's Pools. You can whitelist your wallet during registration periods. View registration events here. If you miss a registration period, don't worry, there will be more.
Anyone can make a deposit to Clipper Coves.

How does a token's current balance in the Pool affect the value of a deposit?

Liquidity providers will be granted a larger number of pool tokens (and therefore, a higher percentage of pool ownership) for depositing assets that are currently undersupplied in the pool.
By looking at the star rating next to each asset, you can see how it's supply in the pool will impact your deposit. (i.e. An asset rated with 3 stars is undersupplied, therefore a deposit of this asset may be more likely to increase in value. An asset rated 1 star or 0 stars is oversupplied in the pool, therefore a deposit of this asset may be less likely to increase in value.)

What policies ensure that the Clipper Pool will remain at the optimal size for small trades?

The Pool is restricted to whitelisted addresses and a deposit limit. This regulates the total amount of deposited capital in the Clipper Pool.

How do I get on the Clipper Pool whitelist? You should include XYZ on the whitelist!

We want active members of the community to participate, so we are taking a whitelist approach. Currently, whitelisting involves being an active and verified member in one or more Discord servers, including the Clipper discord server.

Questions about Transaction Issues

I'm having problems transacting on Polygon. Is it a problem with the Clipper website or with my wallet?

To check, disconnect your wallet and refresh the page (be sure that the red button says "Connect your wallet"). If you are able to get a quote for the assets you want to swap, then the problem is with your wallet, specifically, with the RPC endpoint that you used to set up the Polygon network.
We suggest the following RPC endpoints for Polygon:
  • We believe that Polygon-RPC is the best anonymous public choice. Set your RPC URL to to use it.
  • Infura is robust, stable, and highly performant. It is what the Clipper developers and website use. It is free for individual accounts but signing up requires a credit card.
  • OR are less favored but can be used if necessary. We have frequently observed problems with these endpoints.
We've also found Polygon to be more unreliable than the ETH mainnet, and so you may be observing issues with the Polygon network itself as opposed to the specific RPC endpoint you've selected.
If you cannot get a quote from the webpage after disconnecting your wallet, then the problem is with the Clipper website and we'd appreciate you letting us know in Discord.

Why did my transaction fail ?

The most likely explanation is that your order took too long to reach Clipper's on-chain market maker. In Clipper's FMM architecture, the market maker's quotes are only valid for a certain window of time (which changes based on chain). Please try again.

Why is my transaction pending for so long?

The most likely explanation is that the gas price associated with your transaction was too low for miners to consider including it in a new block. Depending on your wallet, you may be able to cancel your pending transaction, or to re-submit it with a higher gas price. Etherscan maintains a detailed "Gas Tracker" page with frequently updated estimates of execution price and timeliness.

Will my gas cost be refunded?

As is typical for interactions on blockchains, any gas that was not consumed by a transaction on Clipper will be refunded to its sender.

Questions about Governance and Tokens

Why can't I find the token I am looking for?

Moonbeam and Polygon:
Clipper supports a wide range of assets on Moonbeam and Polygon via Clipper Coves. On these networks, you can activate a Cove for any asset and trade with that asset on Clipper.
Other networks:
Clipper was designed to offer the best trading prices for ordinary crypto traders, for the most popular and commonly traded cryptocurrencies. In order to do so, Clipper’s liquidity pools need to be carefully optimized, and it would not be beneficial to our users if we included a wide catalog of less frequently traded tokens, at the cost of maintaining our core assets and user base.

What are Core Assets and Cove Assets?

Core Assets are the cryptocurrencies that are offered natively through Clipper and make up Clipper’s current liquidity pools.
Cove Assets are any alt-coin or other crypto asset that you wish to trade on Polygon and Moonbeam using Clipper Coves.

What are ClipperLP/CLPRDRPL tokens?

ClipperLP tokens are identical to the CLPRDRPL tokens that liquidity providers receive in exchange for contributing to Clipper’s main liquidity pools.
ClipperLP tokens are used exclusively as intermediary tokens for depositing and withdrawing from Clipper’s Liquidity Pools or Coves.

When will you have governance?

What bridge does Clipper use for Moonbeam assets?

For USDC, USDT, WETH, WBTC, and DAI, Clipper uses the Nomad Bridge. We believe this bridge is the safest, most secure, most trusted bridge to transmit assets onto Moonbeam. It was specifically recommended to us by the PureStake team that operates Moonbeam.
For MOVR, Clipper uses the Meter Passport bridge from Moonriver onto Moonbeam. We selected this bridge because MOVR is the native token on Moonriver.

How do I get air drops?

No airdrops have been announced by Clipper.
If you see any posts about upcoming airdrops, giveaways, or any other unexpected promotion, be sure to verify the authenticity of the message and sender and always be on the lookout for impersonators and other scammers.

Will Clipper have its own Token?

Clipper does not yet have its own token.