Clipper's frequently asked questions

General FAQ

How do I use Clipper?

First you will need an Ethereum Wallet and enough ETH to swap and pay for the transaction costs. Once completed, go to Clipper's trading module to start using Clipper's trading protocol. Remember that each transaction on Ethereum costs ETH (this is called the “gas fee” also know as GWEI and it’s paid to miners to keep the Ethereum network running).

Do I need ETH to start trading on Clipper?

If you want to use the Ethereum network you must have ETH in order to pay for "Gas" (GWEI). Currently Clipper only runs on the Ethereum network and you will need to pay for gas to make swaps. In the future Clipper will be launching on other blockchains that will allow traders to swap without having to use the Ethereum network.

Where can I review your source code and whitepaper?

You can find those at the Shipyard Software github repository.

The Clipper source code itself is licensed under a Business Source License that will revert to an open-source license in two years.

What are the addresses of the Clipper smart contracts?

On the Ethereum Mainnet:

  • Exchange Contract: 0x2e9c6Dcdca22A5952A88C4b18EDB5B54C5155BC9

  • Pool Contract: 0xe82906b6B1B04f631D126c974Af57a3A7B6a99d9

  • Router Contract: 0xf0f455E8b8F4f96Ae5109493C5d3eA5e2c09de47

On the Kovan Testnet:

  • Exchange Contract: 0xcedC23e5324EF7f05B01e987E05294f0Cb73A9AB

  • Pool Contract: 0xC97dC8a3B59BF9dC0d97a9E1771Db2B2DDa864e0

  • Router Contract: 0x85647964BB36db21369718EBE8da2A265828a5ca

What kind of fees does Clipper have?

Clipper returns 20 basis points (0.2%) of the output token in each transaction back to the liquidity pool. That fee is reflected in the quotes you see from using our web page - no additional fees are charged beyond the quotes you see.

Can I provide liquidity to Clipper pools?

[See Liquidity Provisioning section]

How do I report a bug in your system?

[See bug bounty rules]

Has Clipper been audited?

Clipper went through source code audits with Solidified and Quantstamp. [See Audits]


How do I connect my wallet?

Connect to your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet", then select your network, and choose your wallet. A prompt from your wallet will pop up to log in.

When will you be able to accept wallets on other networks?

[See Roadmap]

I have a hardware wallet. Can that be used as well?


Transaction issues

Why did my transaction fail?

The most likely explanation is that the market moved against you (slipped) by more than your Slippage Tolerance in the time between sending and executing the transaction. You can adjust your Slippage Tolerance in settings (the "gear" icon at the top right of the swap interface). Setting a higher slippage tolerance makes transactions less likely to fail, but can open you up to execution at worse prices.

Why is my transaction pending for so long?

The most likely explanation is that the gas price associated with your transaction was too low for miners to consider including it in a new block. Depending on your wallet, you may be able to cancel your pending transaction, or to re-submit it with a higher gas price. Etherscan maintains a detailed "Gas Tracker" page with frequently updated estimates of execution price and timeliness.

Will my gas cost be refunded?

As is typical for interactions on the Ethereum blockchain, any gas that was not consumed by a transaction on Clipper will be refunded to its sender.


When will you have governance?

[See Governance]


How can I add my own token to Clipper?

Clipper currently supports only five assets, wBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC and USDT. Other assets will be added in the future.

Why cant I find the token I am looking for?

Clipper currently supports only five assets, wBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC and USDT. Other assets will be added in the future.

When will you offer more cryptocurrencies and tokens?

Governance will decide what assets to add and when. The first priority is ensuring Clipper works with its first 5 assets.

How do I get air drops?

No air drops have been announced.

Will Clipper have its own Token?

Clipper does not yet have its own token, though eventually governance will be decentralized via a governance token.

What to do if I cannot find a token I want to trade in the drop-down menu?

Clipper currently supports only five assets, wBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC and USDT. Other assets will be added in the future.