Clipper is governed by AdmiralDAO, which oversees all of Shipyard Software’s decentralized exchanges and DeFi products on behalf of the community. This DAO consists of a multisig wallet with several signers, including Shipyard’s founding members. Over time, we intend to decentralize governance to the broader Clipper and Shipyard communities.
Currently, AdmiralDAO is incorporated as Admiralty LLC, a non-profit member managed LLC in the Marshall Islands. Shipyard chose to legally incorporate its DAO in order to help reduce potential legal liabilities, as well as ensure that the core contributors have a legal obligation to abide by the community’s collective decisions. In other words, AdmiralDAO’s status as a legally incorporated entity allows Shipyard to continue expanding its product range and decentralized decision-making capabilities, while protecting users within the bounds of the international legal system.
In other words, Clipper is part of a growing fleet of DeFi products – and once the capabilities are stood up, you will have the opportunity to help command it.
Last modified 8mo ago